For Sellers

sellersHaving an attorney when you are selling your home or condominium will take much of the worry out the transaction. As the seller, you can focus on packing up your house and finding a new home, whether it’s close by or in another state or country. As the seller’s attorney our role is to take care of everything from the moment you contact us until the date of closing. We do everything necessary to close the deal from drafting documents, clearing title defects and making sure your funds make it to the correct destination once the closing once the closing takes place. Many of our clients are relocating out of state and have the extra concern of needing funds to purchase the next home. We make sure that back to back transactions go as smoothly as possible.

You do not need to be here to sell your house. We will have you sign the necessary documents ahead of time so you do not have to attend the closing.


  • Draft and negotiate the Offer to Purchase and Purchase and Sale Agreement to protect your interests;
  • Advise you during the home inspection process;
  • Resolve any issues or problems that may arise prior to closing including the resolution of title issues that often arise after signing a purchase and sale agreement but prior to closing;
  • Track all deadlines to make sure your interests are always protected to the best of our ability.
  • Counsel FSBO (for Sale by owner) Sellers who choose to sell property on their own regarding all of the legal aspects of the sale;
  • Draft the deed & any other documents neccessary to complete the transaction from you to the buyer;
  • Assist in the coordination of the closing and attend the closing on your behalf. You will not have to attend the closing. You can give the Law Office of Lisa R. Dropkin power of attorney and we will take care of everything including getting your proceeds delivered to you in the most convenient manner. We take care of everything from offer to closing!;